Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Ideas

I have been trying to finish writing up the sequel to Ansheniu Rise and I run in to something on a regular basis that draws my attention away.  I have so many ideas on different story lines and book ideas, not to mention the ones I get from my dreams the night before that I have to write down every morning causing my brain to wander.

I’ve decided that today I will outline all those ideas for future projects in a notebook, so that way it’s out of my brain for a little while and I can concentrate on finishing the task at hand before my friends lynch me for taking to long in putting out Darkened Sunrise. :)

This will be my healthy break today, still writing, but a change from my current story line.  Maybe I’ll be able to bang out a poem or two that I can post at a later time.  I’m also thinking about starting a writing competition.  Something along the lines of I start off the first chapter and you take the next and we run with it.  The best chapters go into the final product and we make an e-book out of it and list it for distribution, one for each of my favorite categories like YA fantasy fiction and Paranormal Erotica.  Will get back to you with further details.  Have a blessed day everyone.

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