Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Club Questions

So you've read Ansheniu Rise and now you want to discuss it with others.  Here are a few starter questions to get your group started.

1.  How does the title, Ansheniu Rise, relate to the story?

2.  Would you do like Mara and Olivia did and keep the identities of who they are and their people hidden from their daughters.

3.  Why do you think Cristos is the way he is towards women?

4.  Did Ma'Zelle do the right thing by holding on to Satchel's gifts from his parents from him for so long?  Why?

5.  If you were Amelia, how would you feel if you had been asked to walk away from the only family you knew to the unknown for an undetermined period of time?

6.  If you were Jade, how would you handle your awakening and new responsibilities?

7.  Who is your favorite leading character, Amelia, Jade, Cristos, or Satchel?  Why?

8.  And so the adventure begins, are you ready for the ride?

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